An 18 year old who was being held hostage by an armed man in an apartment north of downtown managed to escape,and the gunman himself surrendered about three hours later, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Police say the hostage ran out of the apartment when police were bringing a phone to the gunman to reopen negotiations.  Gunshots were heard, but the hostage escaped unharmed and police are talking with him now.


  Police say the gunman apparently has a criminal history.


  Officer Roger Zuniga says the hostage and another man offered to let the gunman stay with them in the apartment for a couple of days.  But things went south when the guest became belligerent and they asked him to leave.


  “He produced a rifle and was making threats and was refusing to leave,” Zuniga said.  “When police got there he was making threats that he would shoot anybody who came by.”


  The other man managed to run out as the hostage situation was beginning.


  Nobody has been hurt.  Police aren’t saying what the possible connection is between the gunman and the two men in the apartment.