Summer travel means being in a relaxed
mood which the alert mind of a thief
will take advantage of. The local
office of the Better Business Bureau's
Javier Salazar says today you even have to
be aware of your boarding pass.

"Tear up and discard used boarding
passes if you're traveling on an airplane.
They often contain personal information,"
he says.

He advises shredding it.

"Some people might throw it away
at home and there thieves
who would go out there and look
for that personal information."

He says the names and addresses
on boarding passes are a goldmine
for identity and other thieves.

Salazar says you should also
use just one credit card
on your trips ... to make it
easy to track purchases someone
else could end up making.

"Use the same credit card
for all trip purchases so that
you can easily keep track
of spending and keep from getting ripped off."

He says if the card is stolen ...
consumers only have one
credit card company to deal with
fighting false charges.