Fiesta will be 'Viva'-ing a lot longer next spring.


  1200 WOAI news reports that City Council tomorrow will rubber stamp a proposal to allow Fiesta to run 17 days, from April 10th through the 27th, making it the longest Fiesta ever.


  Fiesta Commission Executive Director John Malleky says the reason is the fact that Good Friday falls on April 18 th and Easter falls on April 20th.


  "Fiesta is a tradition in San Antonio but so is Eater and Holy Week," Malleky said.  "What we really wanted to do is be respectful of the Easter holiday season."


  Malleky says even though Fiesta itself will be longer, that doesn't mean the traditional events, with the exception of Fiesta Carnival, which will be running all 17 days, will have longer runs.


  "The event dates and locations and the length of each event will be staying the same," he said.  "For example, Oyster Bake will still be two days."


  Several years ago when Easter was also at the latest point it can fall on the calendar, the decision was made to start Fiesta super-early, the first week in April.  But Malleky says this way will be better, because the prime Fiesta events, like the three big parades, will all continue to fall on the week that includes San Jacinto Day, April 21st, which is how the event, which used to be called Fiesta San Jacinto, started.


  "That last full week of Fiesta, from that Monday (the 21st) to the final Sunday (the 28th) stays the same," he said.  "Its just that first weekend is split over two weekends now."


  This way, Malleky said, there will be no events scheduled on Good Friday or Easter  Sunday.  Any other configuration, short of starting Fiesta super early, would have required, for example, either the Battle of Flowers Parade to take place on Good Friday, or the Oyster Bake and the Taste of New Orleans to take place on Easter Sunday.  Malleky says before floating the proposal, he talked with the organizations sponsoring the events, and all agreed that they would prefer that their activity not take place on one of the two Christian holidays.