The latest survey of moving trends by the moving company Allied Van Lines shows Texas again maintains its status as the nation's 'most inbound' state, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Texas saw a net relocation of 1,914 families in 20134, as calculated by the difference between inbound moves and outbound moves performed by Allied Van Lines.


  Florida was second with a net relocation gain of 1,115 moves.


  "Basically, this growth appears to be economically driven," said Steve Murdock, a former Director of the U.S. Census Bureau and now a demographer at Rice University.


  "Jobs are a big part of it."


  Randy Moore, who operates the Allied Van Lines franchise in Dallas, cites jobs, the weather, and retirement as the top three reasons why his firm moves people to Texas.


  "Most of them were tied to industries that were growing, in Austin it has a lot to do with the tech industries," Murdock said.  "In other cities, it is largely tied to gas and oil."


  Since the study is done by Allied Van Lines, it generally includes only families with a house full of furniture making cross state moves, and will not include, for example, Millennials and new college graduates who are simply able to throw their belongings into the back of a buddy's pickup truck.


  After Florida, the top five 'magnet states,' which saw the most inbound moves over outbound moves are Arizona, Oregon, and Colorado.


  The states with the most net out migration in 2013 were New York, followed by Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey.


  While California had the most total moves in 2013, it had about an equal mix of inbound and outbound moves.  California ranked number seven in the number of outbound moves in 2013, the first year that saw significantly more people moving out of California than moving in.


  Other states which saw a big jump in people moving our included Washington, Wisconsin, and New Mexico.


  2013 was the ninth straight year that Texas was the leading inbound moving state in the nation.