The Texas House this afternoon gave final approval to those abortion restrictions, sending them to almost certain approval in the State Senate and ratification by Governor Perry, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  House members voted over continuing objections from Democrats, including claims that the bill doesn't do enough to support adoption.


  "What are we going to do about the thousands of children who have to go into our foster care system," one Democrat asked.


  Unlike previous debates on this measure, there was not a crowd of supporters and opponents chanting inside the House chamber or demonstrating in front of the Capitol, in recognition of the fact that final passage today was inevitable, considering the party line vote that approved the measure last night.


  But Planned Parenthood held a rally in downtown Dallas, drawing fewer than 200 people, many holding signs with messages like 'don’t' mess with Texas women.'  The rally was led by national Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, the daughter of the late Gov. Ann Richards.


  The Texas Senate could begin debating the measure tomorrow and approve it on Friday, leaving the Special Session to deal with two other issues on the agenda, a $1 billion highway construction program, and a measure calling for life without parole for 17 year old killers.