The Texas House has approved a measure that would require so called ‘dark money’ donors be exposed, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  The measure, which has already passed the State Senate, would require that any politically active organization release the names of all donors who have contributed more than $1,000 in any election cycle.  Interestingly, the proposal exempts labor unions from the reporting requirements.

  “It requires disclosure only of political activity, and only if they spend $25,000 in political activity during the year,” said State Rep. Charlie Geren (R-Ft. Worth)

  But many conservative and Tea Party groups compare this to the current IRS scandal, and say it is a way for liberals to ‘intimidate’ donors to conservative PACs.  They point to the Proposition Eight election in California in 2010, where liberal groups camped outside of the homes of people who had donated to the effort to repeal gay marriage, screaming insults at them when they left to go to work.

  Geren points out that some $600,000 was spent in the 2012 Texas election cycle by so called ‘dark money’ groups, many of which have light sounding names like Citizens for Wonderfully Responsible Government.

  Many supporters say the money is increasingly going into areas where no reporting requirements exist, like in supporting social media campaigns where members claim to be independent individuals trying to create a groundswell of support for a candidate or a cause.

  Governor Perry is widely expected to veto this measure when it reaches his desk.