Hundreds will continue to pack the New Braunfels Civic Center to attend the week long, annual Texas Woodcarvers Guild spring show.

     The group typically meets twice a year, and this week will include: seminars, competitions and showcases of woodcarvers work.

     “I come ever year, it’s honestly like a family,” said one man. “Anyone can come in, new comers and old…. It’s a chance to teach others what we know and learn from others.”

     Don Hartt has attended different woodcarving shows all over the country, and he says he enjoys teaching others his craft. This is a hobby, and it’s really turned into a passion, he said.

     “The first thing I do is go out in the woods and cut a tree down... and then I bring the logs back and sit down and draw the patterns on them,” Hartt said. “Depending how much detail I put into each project, the times can vary... sometimes they take me six hours and sometimes even weeks.”

     While there are those who have no idea what woodcarving entails, everyone who attends this showcase truly appreciates and understands the enormous work that goes into each carving, one woman visiting from Canada said.

     “You've got a block of wood, you've got a pattern and if you looked at a before and after photo it's just astounding what you can create,” she said. “The amount of talent in this room is just outstanding.”