The Texas House has unanimously passed
a bill requiring state purchases be of products made in Texas ... or in the nation.

HB 535 requires that if the price
and the quality are the same ...
state purchasers must choose
a domestically produced item
over the stuff from China.

The Texas AFL CIO's Ed Sills says would be good for labor and business.

"This bill advances the ball
a good distance adding manufacturing
goods; it could encourage manufacturing
jobs in this state and we hope it would
lead to the creation of jobs," says Sills.

Sills says it's a lesson for us all ...  

"It would also set an example
for Texans in general that
we should all consider the effect
on our community of our purchases,"
says Sills.

If law, HB 535 would
encourage manufacturing to grow
in turn forcing the hire of new workers.

"What is essentially does is
to promote the creation of

"The goods must be of equal cost
and quality," says Sills.