Bexar County officials have begun an investigation into a 32 year old former county employee, after three truckloads of allegedly stolen county property was found in his home, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The District Attorney's Office says Mario Rene Castillo, 32, has not been charged with any crimes, but he resigned his job with the County Purchasing Department as trucks were backing up to his home to load up stacks of furniture, computer equipment, and electronics which was allegedly lifted from county offices.


  Investigators say the probe began when a woman reported purchasing a laptop from Craig’s List and finding numerous documents that 'appeared to be law enforcement reports' locked on the computer hard drive.


  Investigators for the San Antonio Police Department were contacted, and they determined that the phone number of the seller was registered to Castillo, and the laptop Castillo sold was listed as 'current inventory owned by Bexar County.'


  The police reports on the computer turned out to be from the Bexar County Fire Marshal.


  Investigators say Castillo had similar items also for sale on Craig's List.


  The case is under investigation by the D.A's White Collar Crimes Office.