The man who once was the head of the ultra violent Texas Syndicate street gang in San Antonio has been sent to prison for four years.

Andrew Vidaurri, 31, was charged with racketeering, murder and cocaine dealing.  The federal complaint shows he helped in the killings of fellow gang members George Escobedo and George Davenport in 2008.

"He was the top ranking Texas Syndicate member in San Antonio," Assistant US Attorney Joey Contreras told the judge.  "He had a very good reputation as a very significant member in the gang."

Vidaurri turned federal informant after members of his own gang tried to have him assassinated.  In one botched attempt, they also shot his brother, a veteran, and his sister in law, who died.  As a result of his help, prosecutors were able to convict nearly two dozen gang members.

"The Texas Syndicate is a very violent, bold gang," Contreras tells 1200 WOAI news.  "We did not want them to sink roots into San Antonio."

Vidaurri grew up in a broken home and began using heroin at age eleven.  He dropped out of school in the 10th grade to become a street thug.  He's the grandson of Juan Vidaurri, who was an iconic political figure on San Antonio's west side during the late 1970's.

"You're a marked man for the rest of your life," Judge Fred Biery told him.  "You realize that?"

"Yessir," was all that Vidurri could say.