A coward who murdered the main who raised him, and then ran off and left his girlfriend to take the rap, is in custody in Corpus Christi, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Austin Byrom, 18, is charged with beating and stabbing James Carroll Spencer to death in Canyon Lake on New Years Day.  Police say Spencer raised Byrom, and he referred to Spencer as his 'grandfather.'


  Police say following the murder, Byrom and his fiancee, Skyler Burghart, 19, stole Carroll's Lexus.  Police in Corpus Christi got a tip that the Lexus was seen at  Motel Six in the city.


  They pulled over the Lexus but the two people inside were not the suspects.  When they pulled over a pickup also seen at the Motel Six, Burghart was arrested, but Byrom abandoned her and made a run for it.  He was quickly arrested.


  Both are charged with murder and are held on bonds totaling $200,000.