A dormitory used by Air Force basic trainees at Lackland Air Force Base has been evacuated and sealed off due to the appearance of potentially rabies carrying bats, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  One of six buildings occupied by 310 trainees with the 331st Training Squadron has been the site of several bat sightings over the past ten days.

  Two bats were captured and released into a remote area on Friday, and a third was captured and will be tested for rabies.

  The Air Force says there have been no reports of any trainees being bitten, but trainees who are considered to be at risk are being given rabies shots.  Brent Boller, a spokesman for Joint Base San Antonio, says some 200 trainees will gtet innoculations.

  The bats are believed to be Mexican Freetail Bats, which are native to this area and are known to be carriers of rabies.  The largest colony of Mexican Freetail Bats in the world is at the Bracken Bat Cave in north Bexar County, about 25 miles from Lackland.

  The incubation period for rabies, which is a potentially fatal disease, may not show up for weeks or even months after contact with bats, so the Air Force says it is ‘exercising an abundance of caution’ in conducting the inoculations.