The University of Texas San Antonio Roadrunners will play in their biggest home game in history on Saturday when they take on number 13 ranked Oklahoma State University.

      In an effort to help build school spirit, the University will unveil a new ‘Rowdy the Roadrunner’ statue at Friday’s pep rally and Saturday’s game. Zack Dunn, student body president says it’s a project almost a year in the making.

      “The six foot-tall, 11 foot-wide statue, makes it a very impressive stature... it's over a 1000 pounds,” Dunn said. “It's something that the students can look to for that tradition and for that sense of excitement… it’s really something for them to rally around.”

      UTSA is always looking for a way to propel the campus to that next level both academically and through the unity of the students, Dunn said.

      “It's going to be our first roadrunner stature that the students on the campus can really go to for traditions,” Dunn said. “The student body is very excited and has wanted this for sometime… it’ what current students and alumni so desperately wanted.”

      Making the massive ‘Rowdy’ statue a permanent fixture on campus is the ultimate goal that we hope to have finalized by the end of the year, Dunn said.

      “Unveiling it at our biggest football game will be a boost for everyone,” Dunn said. “We've had roadrunners in the past and we've had that sense of school spirit but now is the time where we're really looking to take our school spirit to the next level… and a thousand pound statue is just a little piece to the larger puzzle.”