High school are learning something new at UTSA this summer.  They're not only learning math and history, and the usual college subjects, they're also learning leadership.


  1200 WOAI's Berit Mason reports the UTSA Leadership Challenge to six high schools across Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, for students to learn everything from how to lead a group of people to how to lead a business.


  "I want to make sure that I have an open mind and creativity," student Sruti Chary told 1200 WOAI news. "Open mind to culture, diversity, things like that."


  The program is part of the UTSA College of Business Center for Professional Excellence, and it is an opportunity for teenagers to 'recognize their leadership potential,' according to CPE Director Robert Lengel.


  "Everyone has leadership potential," he said.  "the challenge is creating the conditions for its emergence.  We hope to help these young students embark upon a personal, introspective learning journey to explore and recognize their capacities to lead in their schools and in their lives."


  One of the exercise is role playing that all students are participating in an expedition to Mount Everest.  Gary Larsen of the CPE says the exercise helps kids learn group dynamics and leadership roles through teamwork.


  "Look at everything with new eyes, as I was told," Sruti said.  "It teaches you to take things step by step and think about everything before doing it."


  The students also participate in a unique program to help families of children battling cancer through fundraising and friendship.


 Instructors in the CPE say the 'dynamics of leadership' are changing rapidly and will continue to change throughout the lives of these students.  It is important that students learn how to adapt to complex organizational dynamics and understand the evolving role of a leader.