Texas Land Commissioner and decorated former U.S. Marine Jerry Patterson says the military is a 'family affair.'

  Patterson, who is the speaker at today's Veteran's Day observance at the Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery, says he disagrees with those who say young people today don't care about servinng their country.

  "The same kids that you see in baggy pants playing video games, it's easy to say oh, man, our generation is lost here, but then you see them in uniform, and they perform," he said.

  The Ft. Sam ceremony is one of several taking place around the region on Monday.

  "You kind of worry about the current generation, then you go to a military post and see these youngsters, and say, they are really really good."

  Patterson says the U.S. military remains the 'great equalizer.'  He says no matter what your race, gender, financial background or family history, when you show up at boot camp, you are scared.