The slogan is 'Viva Fiesta!', and Fiesta will certainly 'live' for a long time this coming April.


  City Council today approved a 17 day Fiesta celebration, the longest ever, from April 10th to April 27th.


  Fiesta will 'pause' on Good Friday, April 18th, and Easter Sunday, April 20th, which pleased Councilman David Medina.


  "Thank your for recognizing the reverence for Holy Week," Medina said.


  But Council asked the Fiesta Commission to look into a long term solution for what to do when Easter is late in the year, and Easter falls during Fiesta week.  In 2019, for example, April will fall on San Jacinto Day itself, April 21.


  Fiesta officials said the party will not go non stop for all 17 days, and the actual events, like Oyster Bake and Night in Old San Antonio, will not run any longer than usual.


  But they said none of the events wanted to take place on Good Friday or Easter Sunday.  Had Fiesta run for the usual 11 days, either the first weekend events, like Taste of New Orleans and the St. Mary's Oyster Bake would have fallen on Easter Sunday, or the Battle of Flowers Parade would have been on Good Friday, neither of which was acceptable to the organizers.