Civil Air Patrol volunteers from San Antonio number among the search and rescue group's members mobilized for this weekend statewide disaster exercise, WOAI's Morgan Montalvo reports.

Locally based CAP units are conducting ground and air search practice sorties from Stinson Municipal Airport on the south side of town. Nearby units in Kerrville and San Marcos also have been activated for the exercise.
Statewide, about 200 hundred CAP volunteers along with nearly two dozen aircraft are operating from 11 airports and a community center as part of the two-day drill, Lt. Col. Steve Kintner, incident commander for the activity, tells 1200 WOAI News.

"This will test our response should we be called up by Texas emergency management officials," Kintner said.

The weekend scenarios include disaster relief, search and rescue and homeland security missions conducted by both veteran air and ground crews and trainees.

Participants operate according to National Incident Management System standards for emergency services work, using guidelines issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Kintner said.