Another Storm and Another Round of Outtages
But now CPS Energy lets customers know
how long they'll sit in the dark


2600 homes lost power Wednesday night
as a storm swept through San Antonio.

And the only thing that people wanted to know
was: when are the lights coming back on?

CPS Energy's John Moreno says customers
can now sign up for a new alert information

"So the system would notify you automatically
via one of those contacts points that
you have on your account now that your
address has no service at this time,"
says Moreno.

He says the system will also approximate
how long power will be out so that you
can make other plans.

"We'll tell you what caused and we'll
also tell you as close as we can
what is the restoration time."

Moreno says when power goes out, a troubleshooter
is sent to the site to fx it. If he can't a
crew is also sent.

"The troubleshooter arrives on the scene
and does a quick survey and fixes it
and if he can't do it on his own,
he'll for the appropriate resources."