Don't be surprised if your favorite TV stations on Time-Warner Cable aren't where they are supposed to be starting today.


  Over the coming three days, Time-Warner in the metro San Antonio area will be implementing a new channel line up, which groups channels by type rather than placing them on the system randomly, like is done now.

SEE the new channel line up HERE:


 "Channels will be grouped into genre," Time-Warner Texas Spokeswoman Melissa Sorola said.  "So you'll see themes such as entertainment, life and style, news and info, local programming, sports, and more."


  For example, in the digital Time-Warner tier today, CNN is Channel 135, Fox News Channel is Channel 152 and MSNBC is Channel 162.  Under the new format, CNN will be Channel 201, FNC Channel 202, MSNBC at 203, followed by other news and information channels like CNBC, the Weather Channel, and C-Span.


  Likewise, ESPN will be at Channel 300, followed by ESPN2, ESPNNews, and other sports stations like Fox Sports One, the MLB Network, the Outdoor Channel and The Golf Channel.


  "What we find is that typically, people don't watch a certain channel as much as they watch certain types of programming," Sorola said.


  She says only the San Antonio market in Texas is undergoing the channel switch this week.  She says it was test marketed in New York State earlier this year and found to be popular.


  The channels starting at 460 are all religious programming, Spanish language programming is in the 800 block, children's programming, with channels like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Boomerang, start at 250, and premium cable, like Showtime, HBO, and Starz, start at 500.


  Local stations, like KENS and KSAT, start at 1200.  The music channels start at 1900.


  The standard definition channels on the lower tier, from 2 to 100, will not change.


  Sorola says you won't have reprogram your DVR to make sure you record the entire new season of Homeland, which shifts from Channel 181 to 551.


  "DVR settings, scheduled recordings, and parental controls will all transition over," she said.  "Customers will have to reset their 'favorites' and can do so by going to 'settings.'