Caring for a Horse is Expensive
But at least you can get a horse for free =========================

A part of American heritage can now
be yours ... provided that you have
a 400 square foot corral.

The Bureau of Land
Management is bringing
select mustangs to Uvalde
Friday and Saturday  ... for adoption.
The BLM's Paul McGuire says the horses
are available on a first come
first serve basis.

"They symbolize who we are
as Americans and that is why
Congress passed a law in the 70s
to protect these animals and that
is what this law is ultimately about,"
says McGuire.

New owners are given a $500
check to help care for horse
over four years old.

Bu McGuire says you must
be eligible.

"You need at least a 400 sq ft. corral
where you can work the animal
and a 6 ft. corral fence for any
of the adult horses that you might

"That is what the program is all
about: is managing those herds
on public lands throughout
the west to make sure that those
herds remain healthy and that
the land remains healthy."