A woman is hospitalized after she was stabbed today in one of the most secure places in the entire city, base housing at Lackland Annex of Lackland Air Force Base.


  Brent Boller, a spokesman for Joint Base San Antonio, says a man wearing BDUs with Airman's stripes on the sleeve but no name badge suddenly barged into the woman's home and started yelling at her about her barking dog.


  "He then attempted to strangle the woman with an iPhone cable, and then grabbed a small steak knife and stabbed her in the stomach," Boller said.


  The woman, described as the wife of an active duty Airman, was rushed to SAAMC.


  "When police arrived at the home, they cleared the house and found no suspects," he said.  "The woman was found crying on the kitchen floor with the knife still sticking out of her stomach."


  Boller said officials cannot confirm that the assailant was a member of the Air Force.


  Air Force Police and the San Antonio Police Department scoured the area around Ray Ellison Drive looking for the suspect, who fled after the assault.