100,000 fans are expected to line the banks of the San Antonio River downtown tonight for the triumphant Victory Parade to celebrate the 2014 NBA Champion Spurs, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  "We are so celebrating the Spurs, and they are also looking forward to the chance to celebrate their fans and all of the people who have been there through the years," said Janet Holliday, President of the CE Group, which is staging the parade, on 48 hours notice.

  "There will be more than 20 barges, you'll certainly see the players, you'll see a lot of our city dignitaries, you'll see the team ownership," Holliday said.

  The parade begins at 6PM, stepping off from the Arneson River Theater.  It will then wind through the River enter Extension, and will then head north, and will continue all the way past Travis Street and end at the Convent Street Bridge.

  "It's so amazing the city resources, the police resources, all of the moving parts that go into this," Holliday said.

  The City says you won't be able to reserve a spot along the Riverwalk until 4PM, people are encouraged to use Park and Ride, because downtown traffic will be a mess.

  Lisa Hernandez is taking off work early to go see the parade.

  "I work 8-5, and I plan to get off at 3:00 and we plan to go over there and celebrate like everybody else,' she said.  "We will head over there by 3:30."

  After the parade, the players and the fans will move to the Alamodome where the Spurs will be formally recognized.  Before the Alamodome ceremony begins, fans will be able to watch the victory parade live on an LED video wall, as well as the highlights of the Spurs amazing 2014 playoff run.

  Even Spurs Coach Greg Popovich is excited about the parade.

  "It is hot and sweaty, and it's a lot of fun for the whole city," Pop said.  "We look forward to it."