The biggest expenditure these days in Balcones Heights is for 'Help Wanted' signs.

  Just days after the Balcones Heights Police Chief was fired, the Fire Chief resigned, and Chief Philip Prince leveled some shots at the suburb's City Council on his way out the door.

  ""The decision was not an easy one to make, however, due to some decisions that have been made or could possibly be made in the near future by current elected officials that are based on personal agendas rather than what is actually best for this city, I believe that it is time for me to vacate my position," Prince wrote in his letter of resignation to City Adminsitrator Amy Buckert.

  Prince didn't specify any particular things Balcones Heights council was doing or 'could possibly do' that concern him, and Prince was not available for further comment.

  The resignation of Prince and the firing of the police chief are totally unrelated incidents.  The police chief was fired in the wake of the murder of one of his officers, and reports that officers went to the chief and warned him that the officer was associated with a known criminal gang.

  A city statement said Prince is 'expected to return to his native Alabama.'

  Mayor Suzanne de Leon said the departure of Prince is 'a tremendous loss for our city.'

  Also, the Balcones Heights Director of Administrative Services is resigning, to become City Manager of La Vernia.