Attorney General and Republican governor candidate Greg Abbott released his 2013 federal income tax return today, showing Abbott and his wife Cecilia, who is a community relations consultant, made $193,000 last year, almost entirely from their regular salaries, 1200 WOAI news reports.

The Texas Attorney General is paid $150,000 a year.

The Abbotts paid $13,919 in federal income tax and collected a $20,329 refund.

The tax return does not show the tax free lifetime insurance annuity that Abbott receives from the jogging accident that left him paralyzed for life thirty years ago.  Since that annuity is tax free, he is not required to include it on his tax return.

The tax returns show the Abbotts made less money than attorney Wendy Davis, who is the Ft. Worth attorney who is the Democratic candidate for governor.

Davis has not released her 2013 tax return, but in her 2012 tax return released last December, indicates income of $284,000 in 2012, from a mixture of her law clients and investments.

The Abbotts offset their income with a capital loss carryover, which kept their tax bill down.