Gustavo Garcia-Siller, the Archbishop of San Antonio, has toured some of the shelters holding illegal immigrant children in Texas, and he says the flood is just beginning.

  Garcia-Siller says in addition to the children from places like Honduras and Guatemala, which have made the news lately, he found children starting to appear from a lot more Latin American places.

  "I was told that they were from Central America," the Archbishop said.  "But there were also a lot from Peru and Ecuador, and also from places in Central America that I didn't expect, like Costa Rica."

  The Archbishop was amazed at the arduous trip that many of the Latin American immigrants have made.

  "They have been journeying for weeks and weeks," he said.  "It isn't like they have been traveling for just a week.  One of them told me it is nine months since he left."

  Garcia-Siller says the generally Mexican-based drug cartels who are conducting the smuggling of illegal immigrants are trying to branch out so they can make more money.  He says they have been so successful in convincing people in dysfunctional countries like Honduras to pay them $5,000 to $10,000 for the one way journey north that they are trying to make more profits by convincing people in other Latin American nations that if they make it to the United States, they will be allowed to stay.

  By the way, the cost of a plane ticket from Guatemala City to San Antonio is about $500.