The AT&T Center is blaming a 'power failure' in the unit that supplies electricity to the center's air conditioning unit for last night's a/c failure, which sent the temperature inside the building during the second half of the Spurs Heat Game One of the NBA Finals to ninety degrees.

  Heat superstar LeBron James was forced to leave the game in the fourth quarter due to a cramp believed to be caused by the indoor heat, and the situation prompted Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich to crack, "I hope we can pay our bills.'

  "It was probably tough on both teams, players were pretty dead," Popovich said.  "We tried to get guys in and out a bit more than we usually do, but it was mighty hot out there."

  NBA vice President of Operations Rod Thorn told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board he made the decision to continue with the game, despite the a/c mishap.

  "We have a lot of sporting events, sometimes a lot of things transpire that you don't expect," Thorn said.  "Obviously the conditions were the same for both teams."

  The NBA chose to cancel a Spurs game that was set for Mexico City last fall, due to a mishap which sent black smoke throughout the arena.

  Thorn said he spoke to the referees before making the decision  to continue playing.

  "I could tell at mid court with seven minutes left in the first quarter that it was very warm," he said.

  Thorn said he is confident that all of the problems will be resolved before Game Two in the AT&T Center Sunday night, 1200 WOAI news reports.