The San Antonio Spurs are not going to let a silly thing like a rotator cuff injury prevent them from resigning promising point guard Patty Mills to a three year contract.

  The Sydney Morning Herald and ESPN report that Mills has re-upped with the Spurs the day after news was made public about his rotator cuff tear, and the fact that he will need surgery and will be out seven months.  ESPN says the deal is for $12 million.

  Mills was a key player in the Spurs' 'drive for five' run to the NBA title, averaging 10.2 points a game coming off the Spurs' strong bench.

  The Herald and ESPN's Marc Stein report that even though the deal has been done, free agent contracts cannot be signed before July 10th.

  Dr. David Gonzalez, a rotator cuff specialist at the San Antonio Orthopaedic Group, says Mills should experience a full recovery and full use of his arm and shoulder following the seven month recovery period.