Rooting for the Spurs could be hazardous to your health.

With the last two games starting at 9:30 PM and dragging into the early morning hours, many Spurs fans are staying up until the bitter end.

Dr. Paul Ingmundson of the Alamo Sleep Disorder Center says a lack of sleep is never good for your health.

“You are going to see changes in the way you metabolize glucose, there are changes in blood pressure that go along with even brief sleep deprivation,” he said.

“If you aggregate that risk over a million Spurs fans, there could be added risk of serious health problems in the population as a result of sleep deprivation,” he said.

Weary, bleary-eyed Spurs fans don’t get much relief tomorrow night.  Because the Western Conference games are set as the second game of the evening, Wednesday night’s game five at the AT&T Center is set for a tip of 8:30, and then, if the series returns to Portland, it will be yet another 9:30 start.  But at least that game will be on Friday night.

Ingmundson said the only real cure for sleep deprivation is to get more sleep.