The Army says Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who arrived at San Antonio Military Medical Center last week after being held captive for five years in Afghanistan, is now being 'provided media coverage about him.'

  "He has acclimated to his time change from Germany," said Col. Hans Bush, who is the spokesperson for the Reintegration Mission at SAMMC.  "He is eating and sleeping on a routine schedule, and his debriefings and medical care continue."

  Last week the Army said Bergdahl was not being allowed access to television, so he had no idea about the controversy about his release.

  Bergdahl was suffering from physical and emotional issues surrounding the more than five years he was held prisoner of the Taliban in Afghanistan.  The reintegration process at SAMMC is specifically designed to help patients overcome those obstacles.

  Many Afghan War veterans consider Bergdahl to be a deserter who intentionally left his post before being captured by the Taliban.  An Army Major General has been appointed to investigate the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl's capture.

  There has also been controversy over the decision by President Obama to exchange Bergdahl for five high ranking Taliban fighters.