There may be a Bowe Bergdahl sighting around San Antonio.

  Newsradio 1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports the 28 year old Army sergeant, who was released after five years as a POW of the Taliban in Afghanistan on May 31, has been allowed to leave Ft. Sam Houston and has gone to 'libraries and restaurants' in the city.

  Arwen Consaul, a spokeswoman for Army South, the command that runs Joint Base San Antonio-Ft. Sam Houston tells Newsradio 1200 WOAI that expanding the horizons is part of the reintegration process, to get the person who has undergone the trauma of captivity a chance to slowly explore the world.

  She says Bergdahl is always accompanied by military psychiatrists in case he has any issues when he is off post.  She says after five years in a  cave in Afghanistan, much of the free world can see a little daunting and challenging, but so far, so good for Bergdahl.

  "It's been neutral to positive," she said.  "They haven't had any negative interactions so far."

  Since Bergdahl grew up in Idaho and has never had any connections to San Antonio, the miltiary is giving him some pointers.

  "We'll give him a list of restaurants of all kinds and we'll let him choose where he wants to go."

  She says Bergdahl's day is a lot like the average day of any soldier at Ft. Sam.  He gets up, attends briefings and other military matters, goes to lunch, and after his work day he goes into the city for some rest and relaxation.

  She says the next step is to reassign Bergdahl to an Army unit, so he can continue his active duty.

  His reintegration at Ft. Sam Houston has nothing to do with the military investigation into whether Bergdahl is a traitor who abandoned his post.  That investigation is being headed by an Air Force Major General.