There's good news and there's bad news for the crop of newly-minted college graduates who will begin to head out into the work force this month, 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez reports.


  The good news...there will be more job opportunities awaiting them.  A new survey shows 57% of firms plan to hire new college grads this year.


  The bad news?  Stephanie Manchaca, an  HR expert with the San Antonio office of the business services firm Insperity says their salary expectations are way overblown.


  "Typically salaries for any organization are based on skills, work experience, and education that you bring," Manchaca said.  "With an entry level position, you shouldn't have the expectation of a six figure salary."


  In fact, the average college grad starting out will get a salary of about $40,000, not bad, but not what many had expected, especially since many grads have that much to pay in student loan bills.


  She says there are several things in addition to the social media skills that millennials are so proud of that employers will be looking for.


    "We're looking not only for the technical skills but we're looking for their interpersonal skills," she said.  "We're looking for that ability to work within a team environment."


  But she says there is hope for new college grads.  She says the lack of long term loyalty that younger workers have to an employer will work in their favor.


  "Millennials generally have a bad rep for not being loyal to an organization, and there is a reputation that they will quickly jump ship for a better opportunity."


  And the best way to avoid that happening, she says, is to pay them more money.