Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau can now officially arrest you.


  Pamerleau said today she has officially completed the required 740 hours of training to become certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, and has passed her Pease Officer exam.


  It is not required that an elected county sheriff be a certified peace officer, but it became an issue in Pamerleau's 2012 campaign, and she promised upon her inauguration that she would obtain her license within her first two years in office.


  She completed the course work in one year.


  Soon Pamerleau will not only be able to arrest you, but she will be able to jail you and even dispatch the officer to pick you up.  Pamerleau says she now plans to obtain her Texas Jailer's License and a law enforcement telecommunications license.


  Pamerleau is a retired U.S. Air Force Major General.