The flood of illegal immigrants, including tens of thousands of unaccompanied minor children from Central America, has prompted one Texas Congressman to propose cutting off U.S. aid to Mexico, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  U.S. Rep. Randy Weber (R-Clear Lake) says Mexico could halt the flood of immigrants, who all have to pass through 2,000 miles of Mexican territory to get into the U.S., but he says Mexico has declined to take action.

  "We're sending them a signal that says yes, we know you're complicit, yes, we know you know what's going on, and yes, we want you to do something about it," Weber told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.

  Very few of the illegal immigrants who have filled shelters and packed refugee centers in the past months are from Mexico.  In fact, illegal immigration from Mexico itself has decreased sharply in the past several years, thanks to systemic improvements in Mexico's economy, and mainly due to declining demographic pressures due to a lower birth rate.

  But Weber says Mexico is clearly turning a blind eye to the thousands of illegal immigrants from south of their border, many of whom are victims of rapes, robberies, assaults, and demands to work as slave labor as criminal smuggling gangs take them through the heart of Mexican territory on their way into the U.S.

   "The President says, if Congress wont' act, he will," Weber said.  "Now my bill is, if the President won't act, I will."

  Weber says money that goes to Mexico to fight the ongoing War on Drugs would not be affected by his measure.

  "It doesn't affect the money that is set to combat drug trafficking, but it eliminates all foreign aid until Mexico has taken substantial stems to stem this tide."