Texas Child Protective Services says parents need to think twice about sleeping with their baby in bed with them.

News Radio 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez says more than 180 babies have died this year in Texas while sleeping in bed with one or two parents.  Most of them suffocated when the parent accidentally rolled over onto the infant while the parent was sleeping.

Julie Moody of the Department of Family and Protective Services, says this is just too dangerous for parents to keep doing.

"When you combine the exhaustion of taking care of the child, a lot of times parents sleep really hard," she said.  "There is a danger of rolling over and smothering the child."

In many families, having newborns sleeping with the parents is a tradition that dates back generations, to help the parents bond with the baby.  Parents say it’s easier for mom to breast feed a hungry baby when the baby is right in bed with her.

But Moody says parents frequently don't consider the dangers.

"Parents are exhausted, and the one thing parents want and the one thing the baby wants is to get some sleep," she said.  "The most important thing parents can do is to make sure the baby is sleeping by themselves."

She says ten infants have died in Bexar County alone so far this year when they were sleeping in the same bed with a parent.