. San Antonio City Attorney Robbie Greenblum ruled this afternoon that opponents of the downtown streetcar proposal collected sufficient signatures to place a charter amendment on the November ballot, but ruled that the  petitions are invalid because they lack a document called a 'circulator affidavit' which he said is required under the city charter, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  The decision blocks, at least for now, a public vote on a charter amendment which would have required a public vote whenever any transportation project was proposed which would involve tearing  up public streets to build any form of rail transportation.

  Mayor Ivy Taylor and VIA Metro Transit decided last week to put the controversial project on hold due to widespread public opposition.

  Greenblum said regardless of what your opinion is on the streetcar, you have to follow the rules.

  "It is my opinion it has not lived up to the process as crafted in the city charter and the way we have done it in the past," he said.

. Streetcar opponents are expected to challenge today's decision in court.