The city may again visit the issue of a high speed city owned and operated citywide broadband network, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Northwest side Councilman Ron Nierenberg, who is a former radio station manager, says access to broadband and mobile Internet service is 'a necessity in the 21st Century economy.'

  Nirenberg has submitted a Request for Council Consideration asking that council direct the city staff to 'assemble and publish a comprehensive, unified digital communication strategy that will enable the acceleration of equitable deployment of information technology infrastructure and service, including broadband and mobile data.'

  He says the proposal should 'facilitate investment by private service providers to build infrastructure and provide high speed broadband access equitable, especially to underserved areas.'

  Nirenberg says, much like electricity was in the early 20th Century, broadband Internet service is a requirement in the 21st Century.

 "In communities across the country, local governments are working to ensure that citizens, businesses, and institutions are connected to the 21st Century economy," he said.  "Adequate and equitable access to broadband and mobile data infrastructure and service has become an economic priority nationwide.'

  Nirenberg says he has the required four signatures to bring the issue up before Council.

  He says access to high speed Internet service shows a 'commitment to developing a highly skilled workforce that will be able to compete in the modern global economy.'

  He points out that both AT&T and Google are considering extending high speed fiber optic technology in San Antonio, but the city's effort is needed to make sure the broadband is available not only to underserved neighborhoods, but to 'public institutions and governmental entities.'