Believe it or not, one man says not only does he have the body of Big Foot, but he shot and killed him somewhere off of 1604 and 151, back in 2012.


     Self-acclaimed 'Big Foot Master Tracker,' Rick Dyer, says thanks to his investigating skills, he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.


     "We heard of complaints coming from the area before we even decided to set up camp and stake out the place," Dyer said. "It was a homeless couple in the area and they said they saw 'Big Foot' drag a deer across the road, and they called 911... And homeless people don't call people for crazy stuff."


     Even though some would call killing, preserving, and profiting from Big Foot's alleged body "crazy stuff," Dyer says the incident was the real deal.


     "I followed him to the woods and I tracked him down and shot him three times and another one attacked the [BBC camera crew] we were with," he said. "It's a monster, it is super quick and it will kill you." 


     Now, Dyer and his crew are traveling the country with a trailer and the body of 'Hank', as he's affectionately called, to prove to people not only is he a legitimate tracker but the legend is real. 


     But of course, curiosity comes with a price, and Dyer charges $10 for adults and $5 for kids. With that you get a chance to see the preserved body in all it's glory (enclosed in glass, blurry video still frames, and a few 'selfies' of Dyer himself adorn in hunting gear.


     Whether you're a believer or not, Dyer says he's a sideshow and businesses man. 


     "No body really has to believe, it's just a good time and it's their choice," Dyer says. "And I charge money because it takes funds to keep this tour going."


     Back in 2008, Dyer was part of the 'Big Foot Hoax' in which he tried pass off a possum roadkill dressed up in a gorilla suit as the real deal.... perhaps that's why he's called it the "I Told You So Tour 2014" because this time he has real 'proof.'



Hear what the hunter himself had to say... convincing? You decide.