As an investigation is opened by the Bexar County District Attorney, the group Battleground Texas is denying allegations that it 'harvested' information on voter registration forms for political purposes, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  What the Democratic activist group is hanging its claim on is that a request for an investigation was made by Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, who is in the middle of a tough fight for re-election.

  "We see this has just a partisan Republican attack," Battleground Texas spokesman Ellis Brockman told 1200 WOAI news.

  Battleground Texas is leading the effort to make Texas more competitive for Democratic candidates.  But the group ran into a roadblock recently when conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe filmed several Battleground Texas volunteers registered voters, and then appearing to go a step further into illegal territory.

  "Every time we register someone to vote, we keep their name, number from the voter registration form," a Battleground Texas worker is heard saying on the tape.

  While groups like Battleground Texas are allowed to register voters, it is illegal for any group that registers voters to "transcribe, copy, or otherwise record a telephone number furnished on a voter registration application," according to Allison Pierce of the Texas Secretary of State's Office.

  But  Brockman said the Republicans who are demanding an investigation don't understand the law.

  "We completely fully comply with the law, and we are not going to be intimidated," Brockman said.

  O'Keefe's Project Veritas has become a thorn in the side of Democrats for the last four years, recording activists committing acts which appear to be illegal.  The O'Keefe video of Battleground Texas accuses the group of becoming 'the new ACORN,' a reference to a discredited and supposedly disbanded community organizing group which was also the subject of a Project Veritas underground video.

  The video says the data mining by Battleground Texas took place in San Antonio, so the Bexar County DA is investigating.