Elmendorf Mayor Evelyn Lykins says 'no words' exist to express the profound grief of her community after the murder of Police Chief Michael Pimentel on Saturday, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Mayor Evelyn Lykins released a statement to Newsradio 1200 WOAI Saturday night, after Chief Pimentel was pronounced dead at University Hospital.

  "I have no words to express the level of grief and loss that we at the City of Elmendorf feel," Lykins said.  "Our prayers are with Chief Pimentel's family."

  Pimentel was conducting a stop on an individual with an active arrest warrant, believed to be for a graffiti violation, when the suspect suddenly opened fire.

  Three shots were fired, and the Chief was hit twice, in the shoulder and in the stomach.

  "Chief Pimentel served as the Chief of the Elmendorf Police Department for over a year and, in that time, worked to more effectively serve the citizens of Elmendorf and to provide a safer and more efficient work environment for his officers," Mayor Lykins said.  "He embraced the community of Elmendorf not only as its head law enforcement officer but also as a resident.  We will miss him."

 The suspect is in custody and is expected to face capital murder charges.

  Mayor Lykins says plans to hold a memorial service for Chief Pimentel are underway.