A San Antonio man who officials identify as a 'pimp' has been caught in an ongoing undercover sting operation...selling two underage girls for sex, 1200 WOAI's Michael Board has learned.


  Josh Perkins has been charged by the FBI with sex trafficking of a minor and saves 10 years to life in prison if convicted.


  FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee says this is a serious and growing problem in San Antonio and South Texas.


  "It is a very high priority and it is something we are always looking at, and we are always following up on leads," Lee said.


  According to a signed deposition filed in Federal Court,  Perkins placed an 'advertisement on an internet web site known in the industry for promoting prostitution.



  "The advertisement contained the photograph of a female that appeared to federal agents to be less than 18 years of age," Special Agent Fernando Gutierrez wrote the affidavit.  "The advertisement contained the telephone number 210-xxx-xxxx and stated 'Steamy Latina -- Catalina  never disappoints."


  An undercover agent called the number and arranged to have a 'date,' which Gutierrez says is the 'common term used to describe an encounter between a prostitute and another individual to engage in sexual intercourse for money,' and was told that the price was $300.


  Two women went with the undercover agent to a 'motel on the west side of San Antonio' where they agreed to have sex with the man.


  One of the woman, a 16 year old, told agents she had been working for Perkins for about six weeks, and averaged twelve clients per day.  Perkins took half of the money.


  "We are seeing an increase in victims, and in incidents," Lee said.


  Perkins has his initial  court appearance set in federal court for tomorrow.