A 28 year old El Paso man apparently wasn't listening when federal officials warned just a couple of weeks ago that they planned a crackdown on people who point laser devices at aircraft.


  1200 WOAI news reports Don Ray Dorsett is charged with pointing a laser device at an aircraft.


He is charged with knowingly aiming the beam of a laser pointer at a Texas DPS helicopter.


  "Although no one was injured during this incident, laser strikes can pose serious risks to flight crews, passengers, and even individuals on the ground," U.S. Attorney Robert Pitman said.  "Laser strikes are a serious public safety hazard and will be treated as such by law enforcement officials."


  It is not known why Dorsett chose to do this or what the perverse attraction is to pointing laser pointers at aircraft.


  The FAA says almost eleven times every day, somebody on the ground intentionally points a laser device at an aircraft.  They say aircraft, especially law enforcement aircraft can easily pinpoint where laser strikes are coming from.


  Dorsett, who apparently didn't get the memo, now faces five years in federal prison.