Texas is getting out of the hate business.


  1200 WOAI news reports the Southern Poverty Law Center reports in its 2014 overview that the number of 'hate groups' in Texas has fallen from 62 last year to 57 today.


  SPLC Director Mark Potok says the number of Ku Klux Klan chapters in the state is growing, but he says these chapters are pathetic and don't wield any influence.


  "They're small, politically they have virtually no pull whatsoever," Potok said.  "Even other radical groups look down their noses at the Klan."


  But Potok says many of the hate has moved into politics.  He cites repeated efforts made by lawmakers to 'ban' Sharia, or Koranic Muslim law, from Texas and other states.


  "Opposing Sharia law in the United States is simply impossible under the Constitution," he said.  "But we have mainstream politicians in seven states who have actually passed these ridiculous laws."


  The SPLC says the inability of the Obama Administration to implement any large scale gun control appears to have resulted in the disbanding of some groups which were considered 'hate groups.'


  The SPLC has also labeled 'Black Separatist' groups as hate groups.  Conservative organizations had complained in the past that the group was biased in only labeling White and 'right wing' groups as hate organizations.