A northwest side homeowner scared off a couple of would-be burglars this morning, by pulling a gun and opening fire, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  It was about 3AM when the homeowner, in the 1500 block of Texas Street, which is near Woodlawn Lake, noticed two men trying to break into his home.


  One man was trying to get in through the back door, while the other was rifling through his pickup truck in the driveway.


  The homeowner pulled a gun and started shooting.


  It didn't take long for the wanna-be crooks to get the message.  Both decided that breaking and entering was a lot harder in real life than it looked in the movies.


  When police arrived, the homeowner told officers he thought he had hit one of the burglars.


  Sure enough, at about that time, a man turned up at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital just north of downtown with a gunshot wound in the butt.


  Police suspect the butt-shot guy is one of the two would-be burglars.  They're still looking for the other guy.  No charges are expected agaisnt the homeowner.  No word on how many shots the guy fired.