Four of the ten members of San Antonio City Council say the word 'Mayor' looks pretty good in front of their name.

  That's how many council members have applied to succeed mayor Julian Castro in the special council election to fill the mayor's post which will take place on Tuesday.  Newsradio 1200 WOAI will broadcast the special council meeting live.

  The clear front runner in the contest is East Side Councilwoman Ivy Taylor.  Several council members have told Newsradio 1200 WOAI they intend to support Taylor, who would be the City's first African American mayor.  Taylor has said she will not be a candidate for Mayor in next May's elections.

  Also considered a strong candidate is northwest side Councilman Ray Lopez, who, like Taylor, is in his third term and is a senior member of Council.  He also is supported by several council members.

  The successful candidate will need ten votes to be elected.  Castro will preside at the special meeting, but he will not have a vote.  Castro will resign as mayor immediately after the vote in taken.

  Two other council members who are seen as clear dark horses are two first termers, Ron Nirenberg from the northwest side and Shirley Gonzales, from the west side.

  In addition to being rookie council members, both required runoffs to win their seats in last year's elections.  Council likes to see members who have been sent to City Hall with strong mandates be elected to key positions.

  The person elected mayor, or 'interim mayor,' as some are calling the position, will serve until May 31, 2015.