Fans are flocking to San Antonio from Iowa, North Carolina, and Nebraska for the second and third round NCAA Tournament games, which start in the AT&T Center tomorrow, 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez reports.


  She traveled the Riverwalk looking for fans, and found plenty, generally proudly flying the colors of their favorite NCAA team.


  "Have you had Mexican food or Texas barbecue yet?" Stephanie asked fans from Ames Iowa who had come to support the Iowa State Cyclones.




  "Is it better than Midwest barbecue?


  No!" came the reply.


  Many Iowa State fans praised the San Antonio weather.


  "Loving' it, way nicer than at home," one man said.  "A lot warmer."


  The fans joked that during their brief time in San Antonio, they have learned that the Alamo does not have a basement, and 'Texas weather' does not necessarily mean 'hot weather.'


  Kyle Stephens isn't from Iowa or North Carolina.  He's the UTSA Sports Information Director, and he has the daunting task of handling the media for the NCAA games. 


  "I have credentialed, so far, about 340 reporters," he said.  "When you count eight teams coming in, that's how it adds up."


  He says there are local, regional, and media from the teams.


  "Every media outlet here in San Antonio is represented here," Stephens said.  "Then you'll have some regional media outlets from around the state, and then you have each of the eight teams have the media that follows it, so you have a wide variety of media that are here."