Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery will begin enforcing new rules regarding grave site decorations starting on March 1, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The rules essentially limit the decorations which can be left on graves at the cemetery to flowers, with Christmas wreaths and grave blankets being allowed over the Christmas season.


  That means no more pinwheels, balloons, paintings or artwork, candles or other votive items, statues, or stuffed animals will be allowed on gravesites.


  In addition, no items can be attached to the headstones.


  No glass vases or other similar items will be allowed and will be removed promptly.


  The cemetery will also begin enforcing strict federal rules against making any marks with lipstick, paint, marker, or other means on the tombstones.  Anybody who does this could face federal vandalism charges.


 The cemetery staff says it will remove any non permitted items from gravesites and hold them for pickup for one month.