A San Antonio non-profit group set up to raise awareness about cardiac health among student athletes is opening its doors to all area teenagers 14 to 18, WOAI's Morgan Montalvo reports.

August Heart is named for August Koontz, a local high school athlete who died in his sleep in 2008 from an undetected heart abnormality. "Augie's" parents, Dore' and Bart Koontz, established the organization to educate area families about heart-related issues in teenagers engaged in sports, and especially to put parents' minds at rest, says August Heart's Traci Gomez.

"We initially started focusing on athletes, but we've opened that up to the general teenage population because we know that there are so many club sports and things that kids do to be active; we just want to make sure that parents have that peace of mind," says Gomez.

The group is holding a screening Saturday, Feb. 22, for 250 teens at the Medical Arts and Research Center on Floyd Curl Drive. About 100 appointment times are
still available.

Gomez says parents can log onto augustheart.org to book a screening for their child,  as well as learn more about both the organization and general heart wellness.
"There's a huge misconception out there among parents and medical staff and coaches, frankly, that this kind of thing won't happen to your teen," she said, "and what we want is people to understand that it's really not so rare."