His indictment on felony abuse of office charges could end Gov. Rick Perry's political career and could land him in prison for 99 years.  But Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports fallout from the indictment has already hit the governor where it hurts.

  Perry, who is a rabid supporter of gun rights and who once bragged about shooting a coyote to death while he was jogging in Austin, has been disarmed by the indictment.

  "If somebody is actually indicted for a felony then their CHL, their concealed handgun license, will be suspended during the pendency of that indictment,"  Edwin Walker, a gun rights attorney at the firm of Texas Law Shield, told Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

  Walker says the DPS has to notify the governor that his CHL will be suspended and give him the opportunity to appeal, but he says it's black letter law that a person who is under felony indictment cannot hold a concealed handgun permit, and appeals are almost always denied.

  And Josh Felker, who runs Lone Star Handgun in Converse, says it gets worse for the governor.

  While Perry can keep the guns he has, he is not allowed to buy any more firearms, and federal law also prohibits him from buying ammunition.

  "He can no longer purchase firearms or ammunition," Felker said.  "What he has he can use, but he can no longer purchase new stuff because of this felony charge."

  Felker says it is also a federal felony for somebody else to buy guns or ammunition and give them to Perry. 

  But if Perry is convicted on either of the felony charges he is facing, Walker says, even if he doesn't get any prison time, he will lose his right to carry a concealed handgun outside of those specific locations for the rest of his life.

  "If somebody is under indictment and they get convicted of a felony, than they lose their CHL forever," he said.  "It's gone for good."

  But it is a sure bet that the coyotes in Austin are cheering.