HEB today announced plans to stock all of its stores in Texas and Mexico with hundreds of fully organic, non GMO products.


  Lacey Kotzur, a spokeswoman for the San Antonio based grocery chain, says the organic products will cover all types of foods.


  "We have several hundred items across the board, from pantry staples to everyday needs, to special items to produce to our meat department," she said.


  All of the organic products will be certified to be free of Genetically Modified Organisms and have USDA organic certifications.  They will not contain any artificial colors or artificial flavors.


  In addition, produce will have been grown using sustainable soil management methods, pantry products will be grown using only organic fertilizers and pesticides, and meat and dairy products will come from animals raised on organic feed, and which received no added growth hormones or antibiotics.


  Kotzur says all organic diets are increasingly more important in people's lives.


  "We have definitely seen an increase over the last several years of people interested in organics, for the variety of lifestyles that we lead," she said.


  The products will be clearly labeled as 'organic' and Kotzur says they will be priced competitively with other sorts of products.