The line at the Alamodome stretched down the hallway and out the front door today as hundreds of people gathered to sign up for Obamacare on the final day of the enrollment process, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Today is technically the final day to enroll under the Affordable Care Act, but officials say anybody who has begun an application by the end of today will be allowed to continue to enroll.  County Judge Nelson Wolff, who is a big backer of Obamacare, compared it to Election Day, where people who are standing in line when the polls close at 7PM are granted the chance to vote.

Wolff said he was pleased to see the huge crowd, especially after the program's rocky start.

 "This like a football game, when you lose the first quarter doesn't mean you'll lose the game," Wolff said.  "We are in the fourth quarter now, and everybody knows we're going to win that game."

Wolff says several locations around the city will be processing Obamacare applicants right up to the final minute.

"This is exciting today, to see what's happing right here at the Alamodome," he said. "To have all of these people drive over here and purchase health insurance at a reasonable  cost."

Despite several years of almost non stop talking about Obamacare, several of the people who were waiting in line said they knew very little about the program, and weren't aware that they were eligible until recently.